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Thanks for visiting www.tripuramirror.com. This website www.tripuramirror.com is a news website dedicated to providing news and information on the latest and most relevant topics of the day on Tripura. We feature news on politics, economics, lifestyle, health, science and sports. We also feature columnists who offer opinion and analysis on the hottest and most current topics around the world.  This news website aims at highlighting the news of  Tripura and the outer world   without any bias. This website gives information about Tripura from its nook and corner. Internet gives an average people the ability to transmit information globally. That was a power once reserved for only the very largest media corporations and news agencies. With the coming of internet it has become very easy to maintain such a news site. In this news website you are sure to get the taste of real stories and real people.

The www.tripuramirror.com is the   news based website of Tripura. It is a citizen news website.  The aim of the website is to inform, to interpret, to provide a service and to entertain the readers.  This website acts as a platform for   the young would be journalists and writers. Providing up-to-date information and news is the main priority of the website.  Tripura is a small state but it has glorious and colorful history. It is has a rich cultural heritage. It had a bright past and a brilliant present. Now it has become part and parcel of the common national culture of India. But it has not lost its individuality and uniqueness. One can feel the pulse of the   whole of India in this state of Tripura. At the same time he will get to see the unique culture of Tripura. This is the most unique thing about Tripura. This uniqueness  is also her strength.

 This site will try its level best to project the hope and aspiration of the people of this state to the outer world without any distortion. This small state is store house of most interesting culture and tradition. It is our sincere attempt to show case the beautiful state to the outer world as it is. Objectivity is the heart and soul of a news story. There is no scope for value judgment in news reporting. This is our guiding principle. Our duty is to report. Reader is our king. We do not have any agenda to prove but the cause of the common man. We do not advocate for the devils. It is a citizen news website. We write for the citizens. We write for you. Visit us once again. Have a very charming and nice time!


 Kiran Bhowmik
 Executive News  Editor,

Shukuntala Palli,Dhajanagar,Udaipur,
Gomati District, Tripura,PIN:799114,
Mobile: 8794219011 / 9402120235



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