Pillak - The Buddhist Site Of Tripura



Pillak - The Buddhist  Site Of Tripura



he present Pillak or the historical Piraka is a historical site of Buddhism.Pillak is the tourist attraction Belonia Subdivision. Belonia Subdivision is in South Tripura. It is a great attraction for archaeologists, historians and common people. Pillak is the treasure house of Hindu and Buddhist Sculpture. It dates back to 8th and 9th centuries. Beautiful images scattered in an area of about 10 Sq.Km. have been found. 

The images, terracotta plaques and seals found here reflect survival of heterodox creeds and sects representing both Hinduism and Buddhism. Colossal stone images of Avolokiteshwar and Narasimha have been found here. Perhaps Buddhism at pillak started during 7th and 8th  century. The terracotta  art of Pillak  found in abundance speaks of the extension of Pala tradition and technique. Terracotta  plaques were used to beautify  outer walls of  temples or Chaityas and shrines. Animals  like cow, buffalo, rhino, deer, dog , tiger, lion, pigs with milking calf were also depicted in different action.  It can also be said that Pillak was the extended form of Buddhism of Paharpur and Mainamati civilization of present Bangladesh.Pillak is a symbol of peaceful coexistence of different religion in Tripura. 

Buddhism and Hinduism flourished  at Pillak. Followers of Buddhism and tribal people lived very peacefully  in Tripura.It is situated 100 kilometre away from Agartala. 

Tourists and visitors can stay at  Pillak Pantha Niwas and Dakbanglow of Shantir Bazar. Bus service is available from Agartala to Jolaibari. The distance of Pillak from Joilaibari is 5 Kilometre. Autorickshaw is available from Jolaibari to Pillak.





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