Kalyansagar Lake Of Matabari


Kalyansagar Lake Of Matabari


here is a big lake named  Kalyansagar on the east of the temple. It lies just at the opposite direction of the main entrance of the temple of Tripura Sundari. The temple is faced west ward. And the lake is at the east side of the temple. The pond has added extra beauty to the temple. The pond was dug by Maharaja Kalyan Manikya (1625 -1660 A.D.). The area of the lake is 6.4 acres. It is a rectangular lake.It has a length of 224 yard and its width is 160 yards.It was dug up at least 124 years after the temple was founded. The Kalyansagar  lake  has a great biodiversity. It has a  rich flora and fauna. 

Different kinds of fishes are found in the lake. Some rare species of tortoise is also found in the lake. Fishes and tortoise are the main attraction of the lake. Devotees take bath in the lake. The lake is a symbol of holiness to the devotees. The lake is considered sacred.  No body harms the fishes and tortoise of the lake. They are  treated like the children of mother kali. People also  worship them. People feed them with  Muri and biscuits . Tripura State Pollution Control Board (TSPCB) look after the welfare of biodiversity of the lake. The sample of water of the lake is tested . 

The most interesting thing about the water of the lake is that the quality of water is very good. The water is even  drinkable. The  visit of Tripura Sundari  temple is considered incomplete if this lake is not visited. This lake adds extraordinary beauty to the  temple of Tripura Sundari. At present the lake is facing the danger of pollution. 

Its water is being polluted by plastic bags and other non biodegradable  products. Thanks to the initiative of some local people who are spear heading the agitation about the danger of the lake. They are creating awareness among the masses about the necessity  to preserve the biodiversity of this historical holly pond.  The captivating beauty of the lake had a serene and  divine effect on the  devotees.



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