Cottage Industry of Tripura



Cottage Industry of Tripura



ripura is famous for its cottage industry. In fact more than 20% of the people depend  directly or indirectly on  cottage industries. Cottage industry is generally carried on in houses and generally no much sophisticated machines are used. The goods like handicrafts, work of handloom, pottery are produced by traditional methods. Such industry is run by a family. The tradition continues from the father to the son. Weaving is the most ancient cottage industry of Tripura.

 It is still extensively carried on by the weavers. Tripura has a good number of expert weavers. They produce cloths which have both local and external demand. Tripura is also very famous for its handicrafts. Bamboo and cane crafts are famous for their beauty and utility. Such products are in demand in the domestic as well as in the foreign markets.

There are emporiums in different states. When craft exhibition are held abroad, craftsmen of Tripura are invited to attend the exhibitions with their craft products. This excellence has not been attained over night. For ages the tribal people have been accustomed to make various articles of daily use. They make baskets, mats, ‘mora’and other utility goods. Silk weaving industry is also mature in Tripura. In silk weaving industry artisans with their training form Japan and Bangalore has been able to introduce various innovations in this sericulture industry. More and more women are employed in silk- weaving in recent times owing to introduction of ‘Mahila Resham Chas Prakalpa’ in 1995the West and South Tripura districts.

The future prospect of the cottage industry in Tripura depends to a large extent on three essential factors. These factors are financial assistance, provision for marketing and providing technical expertise. The state government has made arrangement for easy loans annually. The artisans can market their products through the emporium situated in different parts of the country. Industrial Training Institutes (ITI) has been set up for imparting latest technological know how. So, the prospect is bright for cottage industries of Tripura. At the same time we should not forget about the drawback that cottage industry of Tripura is not an organized sector. Due to this people engaged in their sector are facing tremendous competition from both external and internal market forces. So, the state assistance is absolutely necessary for the promotion and eventual survival of the cottage industry in Tripura.










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