Rock Cut Images Of Devatamura



Rock Cut Images Of Devatamura



evatamura is an attractive  tourist spot of Tripura.It is also called Chabimura by the common people. Devatamura literally means the hill abode of gods.

Deotamura is famous for its panels of rock carvings on the steep mountain wall on the bank of river Gomati.

There are huge images carved of Shiva, Vishnu, Kartika, Mahisasur Mardini Durga and other gods and goddesses. The host of numerous imagesarose the curiosityof the people . People become spell bound by seeing such work of art in such an inaccessiblespot. This spot is the wonder of the wonder of Tripura. These images date back to 15th-16th centuries.

This place is situated at a distance of 75 Kilometre from the capital of the state i.e Agartala. It is literally a treasure house for the anthropologists, archaeologists and natural scientists.

It falls under Amarpur RD Block of Gomati District . Tourism Department of Tripura is trying to develop this place so that people can visit this place with much ease and comfort.

Tourists and visitors can stay at Raima Tourist Lodge at Jatanbari.







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