he temple of 14 Gods, one of the famous pilgrims spot of the state is situated at old Agartala, 6 km to the east of Agartala, the capital city of tripura. Originally  these deities were worshiped at the temple of Udaipur. Udaipur  was the capital of Tripura Kingdom for a long time. Due to the harassment of Shamser  Gazi  The capital was shifted to Puran Haveli or Old Agartala . The divine inmates had been moved at the present temple during the reign of king  Krishna Manikya (alias Krishnamoni).It is said that first of all the images of 14 Gods had been installed by the king Trilochana of pre-historic era.

King Krishna Manikya had shifted the capital from Udaipur to old Agartala. Here only the heads of Gods and Goddesses are worshipped by a group of priest headed by the chief priest called Chantai. A week long religious festival is held (kharchi puja) in the premises of the old and derelict palace in the close vicinity of the shrine in the month of Sravana. (July-August). The images of the Chaudadevatas is made of astadhatu or alloy of eight metals- gold, silver, lead, tin, copper, iron, antimonyand zinc.

Originally these idols were about half life size. But now the size is reduced to the size of heads with a portion of the neck. In older days human beings were sacrificed before these deities. During the reign ofKing Dhanya Manikhyaa huge number of defeated army of enemy king were slaughterd at the altar of the deities.This practice of Narabalihas been stoppedsince long time. Now goats andbirds are sacrificed on daily basis.

The 14 Gods and Goddesses are as follows:


(1) Hara (Siva)


(2) Uma (Durga)


(3)Hari (Visnu)


(4) Maa (Laxmi)


(5) Bani (Saraswati)


(6) Kumara (kartika)


(7) Ganapati (Ganesa)


(8) Bidhi (Brahma)


(9) Kshoa (the world)


(10) Abhi (God of ocean)


(11) Ganga (sacred Hindu river)


(12) Sikhi (Agni)


(13) Kaama (God of love)


(14) Himadri (the Himalaya Mountain)




Krishna Manikya had shifted the capital of Tripurafrom Udaipur to Old Agartala (Kherpur).A week long religious festival called Kharchi Puja Mela is celebrated every yearin the month of Sravan in the premises of temple of Fourteen Gods.

 Peoplefrom all section of people participate in this Mela. It has become anexample ofof the peacefulcoexistence of all people for getting their cultural differences. Tribal and non tribal culture intermingle here to give a different dimension . This festival foster the feeling ofunity among the people. It has become the festival of all peopleof Tripura.



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