Folk Culture of Tripura



Folk Culture of Tripura



ripura is one of the smallest states in the country with a total area of only 10491.69 square kilometers. It is located  in the extreme South –west corner  of the North –Eastern region of the country. Tripura shares  a border with Assam, Mizoram of our country. It has  a population of 3,671,032 (Census-2011) It has a long international border  with Bangladesh. It is the second most populous  state of north east India after Assam with a population density of  304 ( 2001 census) per square kilometers.  The land of Tripura is marked by rich diversity .About 60% of terrain is hilly and undulating. About 53% of the land is actual forest cover. Tripura is perhaps the most beautiful state of the country. It  has a history of its own. History of Tripura is glorious. Many great kings and queens had   ruled this state with outmost sincerity and dedication. This state has a store house of rich cultural element. Tripura is a hotpot of different cultures. There are 19 tribes who lived in the state. Among the non tribes there are 37 categories of scheduled castes people.  Tribal and non tribal people are living in this state for many centuries maintaining peace and harmony. Every community has its own culture. Again all these cultures got mixed together to give common culture. 

Tripura is famous for its folk cultures. Each folk culture is distinct and serves some social function to maintain social order of the society.   Tripura is a land of festivals. Different festivals are celebrated by different people of various communities. The tripuris worship two brothers namely Goraiya  ( fair one ) and Kataiya ( dark one ) on the last day  of the Hindu Bengali year ( Chaitra Sankantri). During this festival the Tripuris drink  rice –beer  for  2 to 3 days . A religious festival of Bara Puja  of Halam, a tribe of Tripura is celebrated once in four to five   years. For this , large number of animals are sacrificed  and people drink  rice beer. Another festival navanna  is also performed by them. Durga Puja , Ganga Puja , Dewali are their religious festivals. Garia , ker  and Kharchi Puja  are their traditional  religious festivals .

The various religious festival celebrated  in Tripura are Bijoya Dashami,Chaitra Sankarati, Bengali New year,Holi or  Dolyatara,Jamai Shasthi,Durga Puja, Kali puja,Laxmi Puja,jagatdhatri Puja, basanti Puja, Charak Puja, Kartik Puja, Ganesha Puja,  Kharchi Puja, Ker Puja, Garia Puja, Gnaga Puja,  etc etc. Tripura is a land of composite culture. The forms of dances performed by different communities are also composite in nature. Here Bengalis, Manipuris and tribal people like halam,Jamatias, Chakmas have their own style of dance forms. The dances performed in Tripura have gained popularity all over the world due to their uniqueness and dynamism. Many popular dance forms are  performed in Tripura like  Tagore  dance, Garia dance, Gajan dance, Lebung Boomani dance, Hojagiri dance, Biju dance ,Cheraw dance, Hwihak dance .  The tribes of Tripura are peace  loving people. They love to sing and dance. Dance  and songs are medium of expression. Tripura has a rich folk culture which attracts people from all over the world.



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