Ker Puja Celebration In Tripura ::By:PC Munda


Ker Puja Celebration In Tripura

By: P C Munda




er Puja is mysterious puja performed by the  Hindu tribal people  of Tripura. In ker puja all the goods of tribal people are worshiped. At first Kharchi puja is performed. Seven days after the end of kharchi Puja, ker Puja is performed. Ker puja is celebrated very elaborately. It is the strictest puja ever performed by Tripuri people. Usually Ker Puja starts in the morning at about 8-10 AM. Once Ker puja  has been  started, no one is allowed to speak loudly or do evil things. People has  to remain serious. At the Ker puja, the gods are worshipped for the welfare of the villages. In the state level at the Palace compound the Ker is performed for the welfare of whole of the state. 

The gods are prayed to avoid natural calamities like storm, earth quake, floods, droughts etc. The gods are  also worshiped   to prevent  epidemics like cholera, small pox, chicken pox, typhoid, and many other dangerous  diseases. In the Ker  Puja different kind of animal may be sacrificed. The head  of priest called  Chantai performs the Ker in the capital Agartala. In the villages level the head priest of the village called  Ochai performs the Ker Puja. This is community puja People from all section of the society indentify themselves with this religious ceremony. Government of Tripura has declared  State holiday  on this day.



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