The Problem of Price Rise ::By:Pradip Sarkar

The Problem of Price Rise

By: Pradip Sarkar



udden increase in the price of commodities and service without corresponding increase in salary and wage in termed as price rise. Price rise is a result of poor market control system. The worst sufferer of price rise is the poor man and the middle class people. The rich upper class people do not suffer from price rise. They rather get benefit from price rise. Day by day price of commodity is increasing by leaps and bounds. It is creating great problem for the ordinary man. He cannot meet his both ends properly. In our country a huge portion of population is living a life of poverty. They are termed as BPL. BPL means Below Poverty Line. They cannot afford one time square meal during a day. This is very difficult to believe in this period of time. But this is a fact. This is a hard reality. Price of everything is rising day by day. Price of edible goods and vegetables is increasing very fast. In every year price of potato or onion reach a high peak. Some dishonest businessman hides vegetable and edible goods in hidden and secret stores. In this way they create an artificial crisis in the market. Later on they sell their goods at a very high profit. 

This is a instance of failure on the part of the government to check irregular and illegal market malpractices. Government   should have its control over the market to control price of essential commodities. Another cause of price rise  is defective public distribution system. It is also a true fact  that market mechanism is a complex system. It is not so easy as it seems to be .  But there is  no denial  of the fact that price of essential commodities are to be kept under control. The titanic task of price control is the duty of the Government. Abnormal price rise has disrupted the life of the common people of the country. Government should check the demon of price rise so as to save its citizens from misery and sufferings.


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