Letís save our future ::By:Rajib Malakar

Let’s save our future

By: Rajib Malakar 


he earth’s climate is gradually changing for billions of years. It has warmed and cooled many times during its 4.6 billion years of existence. Some 10,000 years ago the last Ice Age ended. Though we have originated in the benign climate of equatorial Africa but our ancestors battled the cold, rough and unremitting climate of the last ice age. When the climate has turned in a favorable condition we developed civilization along with agricultural, technical and industrial development. Now days we are trying to developing us by new inventions and innovations in the field of technology. On other hand we are concerning for a warmer planet, because the earth is warming faster too. This climate change is playing a vital role for long term changes to the environment. The Arctic sea ice is melting and the sea levels are increasing. Due to warmer temperatures in some areas intense rain fall has taken place. This can cause flooding. In some areas of the Earth higher temperatures cause droughts. Therefore crop productivity has declined in those areas. As climate is changing several living species are becoming endangered. Beside these all situation there is only one cause and the cause is the Earth is warming.

When the Earth heats up and temperature rises then the environment is becoming warmer. This entire process is popularly known as Global Warming. The key factor if this global warming is an incensement of Green house gasses like Carbon dioxide Nitrous Oxide, methane, water vapor etc. In the Earth’s atmosphere these gasses like trap the heat and light from the Sun and in result increases the Earth’s temperature. Ultimately it causes global warming. This global warming hurts the living organisms including human. The most enormous fact of concern is since the beginning of the 20th Century the average temperature has risen by 0.8 degree Celsius. Today the average temperature of our Earth is about 15 degree. It is much higher than previous. So the situation is alarming. One of the most miracles of the nature is Earth’s atmosphere. It is not too hot and not too cold like other planets of our solar system. The green house gas effect is playing an important role towards balancing the global temperature. Without this green house gas effect life on this planet would probably not exist. But the important point is normal levels of these gases are suitable for our environment, when the quantity of these gases increases the Earth became much warmer. Today Antarctica is a very alarming indicator of global warming. According to environmentalists over the last 50 years, average temperature of Antarctica has increased by 2.5 degree Celsius. A gigantic glacier of this continent   broke off and floated out to the sea in 1995. In every decade the Arctic sea Ice is melting at an alarming rate of 9 percent. In 2002 the Arctic sea ice extent reached to a record low of ever. So this is the right time to think about our environment at least twice.

The main causes of this global warming can be divided in two types. First one is natural causes and the second one is manmade causes. One of the most important natural causes is release of methane gas from Arctic tundra and wet lands. But probably most damage has occurred due to manmade cause. Pollution is one of the biggest manmade problems. Over usages of fossil fuels is an imp0ortant cause of pollution. The process if deforestation is another major cause for global warming. Behind of this problem we cannot deny the issue of over population.  Cities are the home of fifty percent of the world population. So these cities are a key factor of global warming. The cities are producing about two third of the total carbon oxide emissions. In general the developed nations and major emerging economies lead in total carbon dioxide emissions. Presently China is the considered as a major contributor of Carbon dioxide after united state. Another important point of discussion is cities are at risk of swamped by flooding as a result of rising sea levels. More than two third of the worlds large cities are i9n risk zone due to global warming and rising of sea levels. Dhaka the city of Bangladesh is most vulnerable place of the world now. Mumbai is also such kind of vulnerable place.

Global warming is responsible not only for rising sea levels, increasing the frequency of hurricanes, cyclones and typhoons affecting the desert climates simultaneously global warming results in more diseases too. Day by the warmer world is becoming a sicker world. Global warming already contributes to more than 150,000 deaths and 5 million illnesses annually. According to World Health Organization by 2030 these number will be double. Therefore if we do analysis of the overall situation we may come in a conclusion that we are living in a sicker world. So we should come forward to save our planet earth. If we think that the Earth is inherited to us from our ancestors then it will be a great mistake from our side. We have to think like that we have borrowed this Earth from our next generation and we have to repay it.

ABOUT THE  AUTHOR:Rajib Malakar is an   Assistant Professor, SIPARD ( Tripura ). Beside this , he is also a writer. He writes about popular science.  He has written  more than  200 articles which has been  published in local news paper of Tripura like  Daily Dasher Katha , Ajker Fariad etc. He is the  author of 3 books namely  (1)  Nana Gach Nana Katha (2) Biporjoyer Bodhon(3) Swanirbhar Dal Bebosthapana (Self Help Group Management) .Before joining SIPARD he  had worked as a Research Station Manager of NTFP Centre of Excellence, Tripura Forest Dept for 3 years.You can contact Rajib Malakar  at rajibmrmd09@gmail.com



Date: 03/10/2015 02:34:00pm E-mail: mantidas@gmail.com

Name: Manti Das

Global warming is a great danger posed to mankind.The danger of global warming should felt by one and all and accordingly appropriate action should be taken to check it.



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