Key Features Of Powerful Leadership -The 6-E Leadership Practice Rules::By:Sajal Tiwari

In this highly competitive world and challenging economic habitat, effective leadership has to be an indispensable part in the corporate world. Leadership may seem like a responsibility of giving commands and getting the work done from team but there’s much more than that. Most successfully leaders in the corporate world should follow “E-6 LEADERSHIP PRACTICE RULES” first coined by “Mr. Brendon Burchard” a powerful motivational speaker in his book “The student leadership Guide” one of several bestselling books, these rules acts as the key ingredient for effective leadership habit, distinguishing adorable leaders from the crowd.  These are the “Leadership Practices” for students, business men, entrepreneurs and all aspiring leaders, needed to be fueled and re-fueled day in and day out all the time to outshine a great leader in you, the “E-6 LEADERSHIP PRACTICE RULES” is a set of these professional etiquettes that will help you in excelling your life and business career and have impact you desire on you as well as your team member as a prominent leader which can influence them to give their best to transform your dreams to reality.



  Great leaders  visions a vibrant and accentuate future that is necessary to take their organization to a much higher level.  You should have a remodeled and clear view of what the world will look like to you and your organization in a long term. This is the most exciting annex of your role and business strategy that would influence you and your team to work for. Albert Einstein once quoted in an interview – “Imagination is the key for development”, thus the more you imagine a bigger reality in future then you are experiencing today the more you reach towards an admirable height of success. To vision you just sit in a silent place with conscious mind and think for a long time of a bigger picture and model for you, peers, business, life or customers your team is serving to, this vision should be your magnificent and a bold desire to make you driven at a lightning speed for working smarter and harder.



   Admirable leaders has an outstanding skill of involving their people in developing the vision and enlisting needs of the team. You need to start enlisting your people ideas, prospective, voice and let them have them their own dreams and desires collaborated with your vision for where your organization could be going to have constructive transformation in the working environment in your team. If the people are involved in the ideation of the vision, involved in several activities, provided with responsibilities and are allowed to brainstorm to think about questions where?, Why?, How?, which? And the list goes on for shaping your dream, then your team will enjoy all the processes and moreover it will help you to stay them dedicated, believing you and your vision.  This honest and genial methodology of asking questions to your people and reflecting back after hearing about their needs and sharing their views makes them feel as an important member in your organization. Thus enlisting your people for support helps you in vision and bringing down an ideal future for your organization.



Powerful leaders are recognized for embodying their message as they stands for something unachievable by the moderates. To be leading face for your people there needs to be a very much similarity in who you are and your behaviors with which you are acting in the world, how you treat your people, for what you are working towards and importance in what you say.

*If you stand  before, demonstrate and portray your people that what you and they is believing in is correct then they all will swept away, sacrifice, shape in and work out very hard over and over again for you even its hard. If your people conflicting, quitting and not ready to work and you are still there standing for your organization, if you do then you are a legend.



Adorable leaders has an extraordinary skill of giving something valuable to their team. You and your vision is valued by your people only when you give them your trust and the decision making authority to be able work with the vision. Thus providing your people consistently with strength, equipping them with skills, tools, technology, training, knowledge and other valuable inputs, allowing them to succeed as they move with you. You need to kick in talent to your team and get into a real momentum of development, this vital practice you need to be consistently doing it over and over again and maintain a continuity so as to have a highly efficient working environment. As to achieve that you need to get out of your ego and start equip your team with new technology and competitive realities so that they can make most uses out of it and  bring constructive changes to your organization. It is vital practice of providing your people with training and coaching to have a healthy employee index.



  The hardest thing that sets apart distinguished leaders to a higher level from the others who rarely thinks of it is, that great leaders has the courage of questioning themselves about their progress.You need to evaluate key people with you, their contributions, skills, ethics and needs with how well they are performing. You need to ask yourself and your organization everyday these questions over and over again to bring incredible changes. This process gives direct, honest, constructive and immediate feedback to you, your organization or any person in need of your guidance. You need to pay a lot of attention that what you are doing and what you getting from it, how you are benefitting, where you are going and what do you really wants to yourself and your team to check the progress of the organization and your people.



  Popular leaders are successful because they know the magic of inspiring and motivating their people.You have to encourage your people when things get hard with a desire of enlightening their souls and motivate them constantly with a passion so as to lift them up their confidence. In long mission things get really hard as longer the term, more people are involved, vision gets bigger, dreams gets multiplied and durations expands to achieve bring dreams into realities results in increased number of challenges, conflicts, doubts and more habitations of your people towards disappointments and delaying attitude, but as a leader you have to deal with it. You have to be the encouraging voice and lit their soul filled with darkness with your motivational light. When things get very hard, challenging, conflicts are rising away, there’s turmoil and turbulence all over around then you should be there like a solid unaffected by all bad circumstances then you are the only one they believe they can go to, changing their negative into positive, make them see their alternate view of their next step and champion them, the team and cause and that’s the crucial part of leadership.                                                                  You have to be an encouraging voice for them and be a beam of light when they sink in complete darkness and its look most bleak, then you should be there to cheer for them. Motivating them about their good side will definitely make your people respecting you and your vision and boost up their confidence to put in their efforts in their best way.


The E-6 practices i.e. ENVISIONING, ENLISTING, EMBODYING, EMPOWERING, EVALUATING AND ENCOURAGING, is an overlay to all of you that is a philosophy of what you are doing that makes and importance in you and make you feel that something there inside you is very powerful. These values make you learn to respect and honor the people who are working with you so make a respectable image amongst them. Make them not feel like that they are following you, they are working with you as a collaborator. With these 6 E rules you are making leaders and collaborators around you within your team and the organization as group of peers are moving and shaking to make our mission happen every day. Now your peers are standing for you to encourage others, enlist what’s required, embodying your message to others, empowering your people, evaluating your organization and encouraging your team bringing down the load from your shoulder and that’s leadership is all meant about.

About the author: Sajal Tiwari is a student of Mechanical Engineering, NIT AGARTALA. Sajal Tiwari, a native of Kota, Rajasthan, is now the CEO of NIT Sparrows ( and the inventor par excellence, connecting NITs across the country by his web network. He has become the poster boy of success of NIT, Agartala.His articles are published in several leading news papers and websites.

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed within this article are the personal opinions of the author. 





Date: 05/10/2015 03:22:34pm E-mail:

Name: S Banik

An insightful article.....keep on writing.

Date: 03/10/2015 09:44:23am E-mail:

Name: Manti Das

A wonderful article on leadership....

Date: 03/10/2015 09:44:23am E-mail:

Name: Manti Das

A wonderful article on leadership....



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