Epiphenomenon and manifestation of consciousness::By:Bhabatush Biswas

Epiphenomenon and manifestation of consciousness

By:Bhabatush Biswas

One day I was with me and me alone was in the blissful state of mind, and then I being having scientific temperament asked myself, “ am I happy because some chemical reactions is taking place inside my body or some sort of physical laws are driving me?”. I went on thinking but remain unresolved and suddenly one more question popped up “Why am I thinking?” 

Along with my Masters’ in biomedical sciences from Delhi University, I being the student of World Spiritual University, asked my questions over there and the finest answers which I could gather, of them few would be presenting before you.

Science has no doubt landed on extra-terrestrial bodies, yet it remains to be answered rationally by many of the wiser people as to what consciousness/thought is. Is it a kind of energy? If it be said that the mechanism of brain converts the electrical impulses into thoughts, then one has to explain what ‘emotions’ and ‘feelings’ are. The sensory nerves carry only the messages to the brain, but who it really is who receives those messages and perceives those changes? Who it really is that narrates events about past life or that forecasts the future? If thoughts are a form of material energy then it would be true to state that like all other energies, thought has mass and is also propagated. Further if thought is propagated, it surely has some velocity of propagation. But these dimensions in regard of thoughts remain unanswerable by many. If thoughts were a form of material energy it could cause sensations but not feel the sensations. For example sound takes the form of intelligible and meaningful words or melodies but sound itself cannot understand the words or appreciate the songs; however thoughts are unique that it knows other form of energy. Moreover according to physiology, rays reflected from an object impinge on the retina. There is the vibration of nerve – cells and there is nervous stimulus which travels through the optic nerve to the optic lobe and this is how one get visual perception. But in hypnosis the object is physically not present and therefore there is no question of light being reflected from it to impinge on the retina.

Penfield’s experiments have shown that even massive removals of cerebral cortex do not seem to completely abolish consciousness. Nobel Laureate Roger Sperry in his experiments showed that even after removal of the either of the two hemispheres of brain, only bodily functions associated with brain is lost but still consciousness is present. Neuro – scientist Heranadoez-peon have also pointed to the evidence from those born without any cerebral cortex called anecephalic monsters that consciousness is still present. Altered state of consciousness and stress also indicates existence of consciousness as a non – physical entity.

Existence of consciousness as a non – physical entity can be also understood by Einstein’s Theory of Relativity and gendanken (Thought experiments). Any space time events can be viewed from an innumerable number of events, each giving rise to different experience. If it is said that the events in our brain that lead to experience correspond to space – time electro-magnetic events, then how could all the electro-magnetic activity generated by our senses be generated into something as a unified experience. Gendanken tells us that our frame of reference will affect our measurements of the location,, speed, direction, mass, length, momentum, energy, frequency etc of a particular event. So if it were only the electro-magnetic events involved and so many were the frame of references thenour experience could not have been “one” as it really is. Since our experience is unique there must be a single point of reference working as a coordinate origin. This coordinate origin is none other than the consciousness originator called soul. 

According to second law of thermodynamics, each action or interaction within the system would increase entropy and so in any non living system more and more energy would become un-recoverable and so greater and greater will be the disorder. But when we look at conscious activity, we find that the picture is not the same. Our conscious behavior tends to move to a state of greater order rather than disorder. This shows that there is a conscient non – physical entity called as soul on which law of Entropy does not work.

Erwin Schrodinger writes in his book “what is life”,“My body functions as a pure mechanism according to the law of nature.  Yet I know, by incontrovertible direct experience, that I am directing its emotions,of which I foresee the effects, that may be fateful and all important,in which case I feel and take full responsibility for them." Now this “I” in the widest meaning of the word is the conscious entity who controls the motion of atoms.

In the same way Dr. J. B Rhine, Psychiatrist Ian Sevenson, Psychiatrist Carl. G. Jung, Dr. Raymond Moody had the similar experimental inferences from the subjects they have studied that it is the non material, non physical  entity called soul which controls the material body.  It is this ‘soul’ who manifests its consciousness; it is this ‘soul’ for which in different languages we speak about as atman, rooh, spirit etc. It is the soul which has the three manifestations like Cognition, which includes understanding, perception, judgement. The other two are Conation and Affection. Conation includes various inherent tendencies or proclivities that engage man into action. Affection refers to the inherent emotions such as love, fear, surprise etc. and these three manifestations are not the attributes of body/brain.

So we all are the conscient entities having our body as the instrument through which we resolve our actions. In our whole life one can give hatred, unhappiness, chaos but never say that I want hatred, peace less, unhappiness, impurities, ignorance etc. The reason being the soul in its original form has seven qualities. These are purity, peace, bliss, love, happiness, knowledge, power. When there is Identity crisis that is one assumes the self as body instead of soul then the vices are borne out. These include discrimination, ego, greed, anger, lust, attachment, jealousy, leg pulling, doubt, hatred etc. and that is why the world has degraded so much even when there is advancement of science. To remain in the highest state of order and to revolve again the stable and blissful nature of the world it is the time to practice soul consciousness and elevate ourselves through the intervention of Supreme Soul to become the apostle of Science to disseminate the hidden truths of Spirituality .

Disclaimer:The opinions expressed within this article are the personal opinions of the author


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