Suggestion for Clean Tripura::By: KiranBhowmik

Tripura is a unique state across the country India which is developing day by day. Environment is an important issue for development. So it is needed to give stress on environment as well as development for sustainability. According to World Commission on Environment and Development in 1987, Sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generation to meet their own needs. Environment is the physical, chemical and biological surroundings in which an organism exists. The nature could not get to compensate its resource loss because of over consumption by the human race in this modern era.

Two components are needed for living life those are Oxygen (O2) and Water (H2 O). Although it is possible to live for one or two hours without water but it is impossible to live for five minutes without Oxygen. So it is needed to give stress on supply of Oxygen. Oxygen is being produced by the tree and it is needed to save the forest and plant tree every year regularly. The Government of Tripura is more active than others state of our country in India in case of conservation of forest. According to the report of Forest Department it has seen that the Forest is an integral part of the culture and tradition of Tripura. It also maintains the environment, bio-diversity, land, soil, water and air regimes. Any imbalance in equilibrium of the above components affects the system adversely and has an adverse impact on human life. The state has a geographical area of 10,491 Km2 of which 6,294 Km2 (60%) is the forest area as per legal classification in the state. As per Report of the Forest Survey-2011 of India, total forest cover in the state is 7977 km2 i.e 76.04% of the total geographical area. In the forests of the state, there are 266-species of medicinal plants, 379-tree species, 320- shrubs, 581-herbs, 165-climbers, 16-climbing shrubs, 35-ferns, 45- epiphytes and 4-parasites. Moreover, there are 50-species endemic to Tripura. 2-primitive plants and 7-endangered plants are also found in Tripura.

Not only forestation the Government of Tripura has given stress on beautification of city and clinginess. The Agartala city had received best award by the central government for better cleanliness. The Agartala Municipal Corporation (AMC) is so strong and actively works in case of cleanliness of city. It will better if workers of AMC may clean all kind of garbage of city at night or early morning. In maximum cases it has seen that the workers of AMC are being cleaned all kind of garbage in the nick of office hour. It is a suggestion for clean Tripura that the workers of AMC may clean all garbage at night or early morning with proper dress which will help to workers to clean all garbage without any health hazard of workers.

The Tripura State Pollution Control Board (TSPCB) is playing a vital role in case of maintaining cleanliness of Agartala City as well as our State Tripura. But need help of all kind of people for maintaining cleanliness of our state Tripura because it is not possible to maintain cleanliness of Tripura if people of this state will not extend their helping hand. If people of Tripura will not conscious about their duty in case of maintaining cleanliness of our state Tripura then it will not possible to maintain cleanliness of our state Tripura. The TSPCB does awareness activities but it will truly meaningful if people of Tripura will aware about their duty for maintaining cleanliness.


About The Author: Kiran Bhowmik is a student of Economics. He is pursuing his Master Degree in Economics in Tripura University. He stays at Udaipur. He writes on economics, current affair and politics. He has many published papers to his credit in prestigious journals. Writing is his hobby. He is the Executive News Editor of the prestigious and popular website of state


Student of Tripura University

Department of Economics


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Disclaimer:The opinions expressed within this article are the personal opinions of the author. 




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