How To Build Following For Your Business:: By: Sajal Tiwari

Building a  following from ground up a challenge when you first introduce yourself to the world. Nobody knows who you are and what you do. Your content and marketing should reflect your abilities and communicate your value, when it comes to gain customer and followers it helps to have some influence. Consider the scenario when you need to find something online, a new restaurant to try with the significant others, or a new game to help you pass the time. Today’s online world isn’t just a database of information rather it’s a living and breathing source of recommendations from the people and companies you connect with. To you they are trusted sources and they have a degree of influence over you and the way you make decisions.

So as you start your own business, you should your role as as potential influencer what kind you would like to be.

Do you want to be a far leader that provides educational research and opinions on industry issues and concepts? Which rather be a curator seeking out and sharing the best content from various sources online. Maybe you would rather be a follower getting started by learning your tray from the best on the business or perhaps little bit of everything.

One way to get started is to take a page from the once that influence you. As you use social platforms, you should seek out sources of information and content that are meaningful to you andfollow them. Industry experts, trusted news sources and different companies and organizations can provide excellent information to you on a daily basis. So when you find them ask yourself, if they are influential to you, who might influence them. Platform like twitter can actually show you who these experts follow and checking out those sources can often reveal new opportunities for information and networking. Follow and make real connection with these influential and they may become important ally when starting to promote yourself. Growing influence requires becomes an active participant online. Creating and sharing great information, links and other quality contents is appreciated by those with similar interests. Utilizing helpful hashtags and other platforms, specific codes help link your work to other related searchable contents.

In addition, reaching out to other online or jumping into conversation can allow you to share your expertise, interest as well as your sense of humor. Users want to flow real people with knowledge and personalities, not faceless entities that are only considered with numbers. Remember that influence is subjective and while sometime it measures input labors on the kind of influence you might have. The most relevant effective influence is on the goals you have for your business, if you send out a tweet asking your followers to check out a new product, how many actually click through, how many share that tweet with others and how many actually make the purchase.

Measuring conversions will give you an idea about what kind of and how effective you are as an influencer.

Social media can be powerful way to reach everyday customers and prospects. However, you can also share your content with members of traditional media to create a traditional burst. Public relation is there been around for land time. Its values are just as strong today.

The first thing you might think of when you hear the term PR’s writing Press releases. But don’t assume because your company is just starting out, that you don’t need to create any. Large or small companies can benefit greatly from sharing official corporate information to press releases. Whether you have a new product announcement, business partnership or other significant achievement publishing this content through official channels means it could be shared by media One credit advantage Facebook has however is that many websites developers allow users on their sites to login with their Facebook credentials. This provide across the web. Thereby improving your SEO and overall finding ability.

Reaching up to the members of the media and your industry can lead to opportunities to share your work with them or to perhaps be featured or reviewed in their publications. There are number of online sources that are providing details on editorial calendars. They can tell you when certain media sources will be writing stories about specific subjects.

While you are added consider the value of reaching out to blogs and other industries sites that features guest post from industries professional. If there is a site of features products and services similar to your own, offer to write a guest blog post giving your tick on an issue or sharing your expertise. One great benefit of reaching out like this is connecting with their audience. They would certainly be relevant to your desire target markets, so these opportunities can lead to many new leads.

Managing public relations is also about maintaining your reputations, its vital to monitor online content to know what people are saying about you. Especially if anything negative comes up. you should thank support of users but you must also address constraints quickly and honestly providing as much information as possible well maintaining an official tone. One way to monitor content about you and your company is to set up a system of alerts.

Ex. You can set up a google alert to email you whenever your company name is mentioned online. You can also use various app to monitor social platforms and setup automatic searches to identify any content that references to you and your product. The idea is not to stand by anything negative about you. It’s to respond swiftly and honestly and showing again that you are listening to the people. Your public relation efforts can help you spread the word about your business and improve your reputation with influential members of the online community. So create content with these efforts in mind and be proactive about promoting and protecting your brand.

Well it’s easy to get started on social media platforms, it may take months to develop a significant following. We can all have millions of followers right after back so try out not to get frustrated and follow these basic rules:

i) Stay active

ii) Keep creating contents

iii) Make connections

iv)Reach out influencers you identified

And as time goes on the level of engagement increase. Measuring the interactions, you have across each network by using their built in notifications and tools is a good way to start tracking your numbers. Blog comments, replies and retweet on your Twitter, likes and shares on Facebook and other interactions on other platforms show what content is resonating with your audience. To learn more compare their engagement update, looking at the numbers and trying to discover the pattern. Ex. Updates about the certain subject or product may generate the most comments, photo or video updates might get the most shares. In tweets on certain dates may get replies too often. Paying attention to these stats can help you adjust your publishing schedule and how you create your content.

As you move forward you may find the amount of data overwhelming or the free tools insufficient for your needs, if you have already installed the tools like Google Analytics on your site, this can provide some insight into the effectiveness of certain social media efforts. Tracking which networks generating the most traffic back to your site sending those users to track upon landing pages or including codes inside those links can make it easier to see how effective each strategy is.

There are additional tools some free and some paid that provide more details stats and insight, such as “Edge rank” for Facebook contents or online solutions like “Hub spot”. No matter what tools you use getting a hand on these numbers can help you adjust your marketing and can also help you make money, because knowing how many users interact with your content can allow you to set prices for prospective advertisements on your site, blog or any other channels.

Regardless which social network you operate, you need to the health of each one and engage the value you and your users get out of them. You must stay invested in your presence on each network. Continually providing quality content to keep your followers interested and listening to their responses and concerns so they remain invested in what you are doing.                 

About the author: Sajal Tiwari is a student of Mechanical Engineering, NIT AGARTALA. Sajal Tiwari, a native of Kota, Rajasthan, is now the CEO of NIT Sparrows ( and the inventor par excellence, connecting NITs across the country by his web network. He has become the poster boy of success of NIT, Agartala.His articles are published in several leading news papers and websites.

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed within this article are the personal opinions of the author.                                          


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