B-2 BOYS :: By :Gaurav Raja

May I come in sir? Yes, come in .1st year of college –always on time, irrespective of any work .2nd year,same question –May I come in sir? Yes but a return question by a teacher –Why are you so late??? Loads of excuse –like I wake up late ,there was a huge line in mess and bla-bla but to be frank the truth is always something else and that truth is known to only B2 boys-The back benchers boys ,the favourite among themselves, but an indiscipline guys for a teacher and so on. But for being late in class there is so many reason-whether its playing C.S or FIFA fever and yes the most important talking over phone till late in the morning and messing up in class .These are very few reason and we never blame anyone for the same.Any way let me clear you something this article is dedicated to all the B2 boys of their colleges and myself being one of them wrote this in my Antenna class,on the last bench and continuous looking at my teacher whether he is glaring at me or not,and myself always pretending that look sir I am studying and preparing notes.Attending classes is not the priority for B2 boys but to cover up the mark of 75% attendance is our main concern. The only target to shoot up,let clear this border mark of 75 %, nothing else. Also , when we are in class we come up with some good artistic drawings on our last page of note-book, also bowing head in Viva ,wearing formal during viva ,so that at-least the dress can get you few numbers for you. Guys this is just the statement! No offence please for first benchers.He-he-he.Every one of us know if we want to be on the top of roof we have to take ladder and also we have to start from last and at the same time a Data structure concept LIFO(last in first out),I think this is enough to clarify each one of you that being b2 boys we are not only messing up but also trying to go up, slowly .And remember slow and steady win the race .And yes that doesn’t mean that first benchers don’t do anything but sorry guys being B2 boy I will take their favour. And yes class over,so pen down and will surely come up with more article for B2 boys, soon.


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