Dipa karmakar: A saga of struggle, hard work and determination::By: Pradip Sarkar

On the very outset I would like to make it clear to all the readers that I am neither a gymnast nor a sport commentator. What makes me to write about the extraordinary success story of Dipa is that her success has touched my heart just like millions of other Indians.The phenomenal success story of  Dipa has mesmerised   the whole

nation.Dipa  Karmakar is  the country's first gymnast to qualify for a final event at the Olympics, finished fourth in the women's vault final in Rio. Her success has become the success of all people of India. She has become the source of inspiration for millions of Indian. She has proved that hard work and determination are the only means of success .She faced all kind of resistance and hurdles in her life to reach the top position in the sporting history of this country. It is to be made clear here that Dipa had never been the victim of any kind of conspiracy or sabotage in Tripura. She is lucky to  have the best coach  Bisweshwar Nandi who taught and protected her like a father. In other parts of our country very often we come across news  of conspiracy and sabotage which destroyed the career of many promising players. In that sense Dipa has never faced such dirty game. However, it will be false if we say her journey to the top was very smooth. In the very beginning of her training period she  overcame  the physical limitation of her flat foot. A person with flat foot cannot  become a gymnast . She overcame  that shortcoming by hard work. Then she was picked up  by her present coach- Bisweshwar Nandi . He like a true teacher gave her the best coaching. Her story of success has opened a new era in gymnastics. It is a well known fact that   no modern facility is available in our country for gymnastics. So, it will be foolish to think  that in Tripura she did not got much opportunity. She definitely got the best available support from the state. It is this tiny state, which has groomed Dipa. The people of Tripura were always with the side of Dipa. Now that she had upheld the name of our country to such a great height due importance should be  given to this sport. Now it is expected that latest facilities will be extend to Dipa and other upcoming   sport stars. Now it is the duty of the Government of India to provide at least one training centre to Tripura where Dipa and more would be Dipa can practise gymnastics. But Dipa should be careful because success earns more enemy than friends. When Dipa was qualified for Rio Olympics there was a proposal that Dipa should select a foreign coach for her preparation of Rio Olympics. That must be  a part of a bigger conspiracy . Luckily Dipa did not  give much

importance to the proposal. In our country there is a small powerful section who never played a game but now determine the future  of our talented  sport persons. These people are best at destroying a promising star because they cannot tolerate other’s success. Luckily, Tripura is free from such kind of lobby.   The Dipa karmakar  Phenomenon has opened a  new era  in the field of gymnastics with multidimensional possibility for further development. The success of Dipa has touched the heart of millions because it has earned honour and respect for our  country. And millions of people think –“Dipa is our girl and her success is our success”. We Indians are celebrating the super success of Dipa karmakar and she must be planning hard with her trusted coach for getting a prize from Tokyo Olympics in 2020.To win a medal she need proper training. At this juncture of time corporate world should come forward with sponsorship proposal. We  are celebrating the success of Dipa , that is Ok but we should not forget to fight for  her cause.

Disclaimer:The opinions expressed in this article are the personal opinion of the author.


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