Socio-Eeconomic Status in Rural India:Case Study of Tripura :: Kiran Bhowmik

It was really a great experience for students of Economics Department that they were doing survey and collected data according to questionnaires which scheduled by Economics Department of Tripura University. The students of Economics Department visited on November 04 last three numbers of Gram Panchayat (GP) under Matabari R.D Block of Udaipur sub -division, Gomati District, Tripura, India. The GPs are Dataram ADC village, North Chandrapur Village and Village Chandrapur GP.
Socio Economic condition is an important apparatus to analyze the development condition where considering development as an economic aspect. In the present era there will not any value at amount Rs;500/= and Rs;1000/= as per decision taken by present central government to root out black money and fake notes but there is huge value of socio economic indicator with an eye to measuring the development of the entire society. Socio Economic condition gives an idea about the proper development is changing positively or not.

All total twenty-three students and Research scholar of Economics Department were doing survey. The faculty members observed the process of sample survey and helped students in case of collection of data. The students of Economics Department, Tripura University were getting the chance of sample survey, which will help in future to analyze different things in the field of Economics
Dr, J. Debbarma, Head of the Department of Economics informed it that the main goal of this sample survey is discussion of economic issues those are relating with economic development. He has also informed that the data collected on Drinking water facilities, Sanitation facilities, Asset Details, 
Agriculture, Self Consumption and Marketing of Agricultural Product, Livestock, Household Expenditure, Benefit from govt. schemes and Health related Issues.
Dr. J. Debbarma, Dr. S.Shah, Dr. I. Bhowmik, Research Scholar Niranjan Debnath and Vanlalrema Kuki was monitoring the whole process of data collection in the area of Dataram GP where Anisha Saha, D. Das, D. Sutradhar, A. Banerjee, N. Shaw, C. Saha Roy, L. Puya and S. Roy was collecting data as a surveyor from households.
Professor A. Nath, Associate Professor D.K Rana and Research Scholar P. Bose was monitoring the whole process of data collection in the area of North Chandrapur where student of Ecoomics Department Prathiva Debbarma, Prasenjit Debnath, Rahul Nath, K. Bhowmik (Kiran Kumar), Iprem Debbarma, Dipak Reang and A. Majumder had collected data as a surveyor from households as per questionnaire.
Dr. P. Saha, Dr. S. Das and Research Scholar Pradip Chouhan was monitoring the whole process of data collection in the area of Village Chandrapur where B. Debbarma, S. Molsom, S. Chakraborty, PCN Darlong, M. Singha, T.Saha and Kishore Tripura was collecting data as a surveyor from households of Village Chandrapur area.
In search of primary survey analysis, it has found that maximum numbers of people under village area doing MGNREGA work and villagers are not aware about their age but it is the fact that villagers are able to write their own name. This is also a good sign that a good numbers of rural women are associated with SHG that helps to improve the economic conditions of rural people.
Now all data are under process and it may expect that many things will come after the analysis of data that helps to take new decisions for those who take the decision for making new policy. 


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