Garbage Giant -Problem of a Municipal area: needs mass participation in management programme::By:Dipak Chandra Lodh

Introduction: Tripura is one of the second smallest North East states of India. The state is divided into eight districts only. Udaipur is the district head quarter of the Gomati district. Once it was the Capital of the Princely state Tripura. It is widely known as City ofTemple  and some time also as Lake City. It is famous for the Tripura Sundari temple. It is about 55 km away from Agartala, the capital of Tripura. There are lots of artificial lakes namely Bijoy Sagar (Mahadev Dighi), Jagannath Dighi, Amar Sagar, Dhani Sagar, etc. Udaipur is the 3rd largest town of Tripura followed by Agartala and Dharmanagar. It is situated on the bank of state’s largest river Gomati. For its rich heritage many visitors from home state and abroad used to visit Udaipur and that is why it is now also called the Cultural Capital of the Tripura. Udaipur town is a small municipal area. This article is an attempt to surface  the garbage problem of area under Udaipur Municipal Council (UMC). 

The Problems of Garbage: Like other part of the country, due to urbanization, the population of Udaipur is increasing day by day. The population of UMC is 37,781(2011 census). There are total 21nos wards under the UMC. It is common phenomena that the people throwing and dumping waste articles at random everywhere daily.Generally garbage of domestic, industrial and commercial areas like markets (vegetables market, fish and meat market, hotel, restaurants, shops) are taken away by the municipal authority. It is seen that municipal authority collect garbage like trash can, plastic materials, polythene bags etc. and dumping the garbage at an area (jungle) nearer to the town unscientifically. But the problem arises when that garbage continues to remain in a dustbin and the municipal workers does not collect the garages regularly. Sometimes it is observed that many dustbins are overflowing because of over dumping. A portion is buried away by the people, which are also not safe, as sometime ignorant people lit fire to the garbage without awareing of ill effect of toxic gases produced after burning, where a portion of garbage is just nothing but polythene bags and plastics. In some of the ways garbage may come back to haunt the people. The pollution caused by garbage is a major problem in the town that could result in major health issues. Measures should be taken to minimize the amount of garbage produced, improve ways and interval of removing garbage, and enforcement of garbage disposal laws. Additionally, it is observed that in few areas plastic bags blocks the drainage system, which even makes flooding and the roads worsen for smooth movement of the traffic during the monsoon.  In some places, people are running out for room to move.

Volume of such non-biodegradable nature of the garbage is the main problem of Udaipur like other city of the country. In fact there is no harmful industry within the Municipal area. But garbage produced at market area as well as domestic garbage causing hazard to places everywhere. These are injurious to human health causing air pollution because of their obnoxious odor and harboring bacteria, mosquitoes, flies and rodents etc. which may spread diseases like typhoid, diphtheria, diarrhea, cholera, malaria, dengue etc.Sometimesgarbage is also dumped at Gomati River side by the shopkeeper and others people which mix with the river water in the due course of time. It is also fact that, many people are dependent on this river water for their domestic purposes. All those activities also affect the ecology of the river. As a result people may get sick from diseases such as typhoid and dysentery due to such water pollution. 

Poor Waste Management Plan: There should be the clean-upplan. Mass people are to be encouraged in reducing the use of harmful items like non-biodegradable. People should be encouraged to use reusable bags and containers widely. Today garbage pollution is a major problem for people’s health. Increasing volumes of garbage is shrinking precious living space. Governments, organizations and individuals need to come together urgently to stop this mounting crisis and save their beloved Udaipur.

Occupational Safety and Health Towards HazardousWaste Site Activities: In fact no such safety measures are taken by the workers during disposal of garbage. Even authority also not provides any such safety items like masks, hand gloves, machineries that should be used by the garbage labourers in regards of safety and security. In fact it is the collaborative activity. As because some labourers also very much careless and not aware to use such safety items. Authority and individuals also must contribute substantially towards health safety by ensuring health safe guard of the workers in this field. All kinds of acceptable safety measures should be available with the Municipal Authority for Occupational Safety. There must be guidelines for the persons looking after/ supervise the work of garbage management who are responsible to provide occupational safety at hazardous waste sites for the workers. The person must have basic knowledge and experience in occupational safety and health. Program is to be developed to protect the health and safety of employees involved in response to hazardous substance releases, removals, or remedial actions. Comprehensive educational tool is to be provided to ensure safety aspects and health protection at hazardous waste sites. A manual that specifically addresses the response to any hazardous substances during emergencies, also to be published by the authority. The manual should be informative under the following heads, like as introduction, types of hazards (chemical exposure, explosion and fire, oxygen deficiency, biological hazards, electrical hazards) effects on environment and protective measures. Hazardous waste sites pose a multitude of health and safety concerns, any one of which could result in serious injury or death. These hazards are a function of the nature of the site as well as a consequence of the work being performed. Extremely hazardous substances do not endanger human health or safety if they are properly handled. However, improper control of these substances can result in a severe threat to site workers and to the general public.

To Make Workers Aware of The Potential Hazards They May Encounter:To provide the knowledge and skills necessary to perform the work with minimal risk to worker health and safety. Workers must be aware of the purpose and limitations of safety equipment. It is to be ensured to all workers that they will be able to avoid or escape from emergencies safely. The level of training provided should be consistent with the worker's job function and responsibilities. The training programme should involve both classroom instructions in a wide range of health and safety topics. A variety of teaching aids like films, tapes, slides, etc. should be used, and lecture sessions should be interspersed with class participation and hands-on training. To reemphasize the initial training and to update workers on any new policies or procedures. Training Program’s Employees should not engage in field activities until they have been trained to a level commensurate with their job function and responsibilities and with the degree of anticipated hazards.

Few More Facts:In UMC area actually there is no such process for segregation of waste. Here almost the waste is under bio degradable category in nature. So if segregation is properly done then easily bio compost can be achieved. it is unfortunately can be stated here that bio compost in now widely prepared by the people both in rural and urban area. People of the urban area also prefer compost manure for their kitchen garden or floriculture works. UMC authority can take initiative to manage the waste in scientific way. Presently garbage is taken away by municipal workers and dumped at roadside in two or three places annoying safety of community health in a very objectionable and unscientific manner. UMC authority has no scientific landfill which is also to be constructed immediately for waste management purposes. Bio- degradable waste also to be disposed scientifically rather to dump those at road side at both Bagma and Maharani Site. Collection of waste both domestic and commercial is to done in wide range. Now in few wards the process of such waste collection is going on by involving NGO. It is unfortunately observed that a section of the people is not accepting the system although only a very negligible amount is charged for that. Thus most of people are throwing their any type of daily waste into the drains or dustbin (where it is so available) or some time just at road side. Thus the many people are liable to take part in massive pollution of the environments.

The Three RNow it is the concept of three R  throughout the whole world. When three R stand for Reduce, Recycle and Reuse. Like many other places authority is not at all thinking aboutproper waste management policy at here too. Always any such waste to be managed/deposed keeping three Rs into the mind. People must be motivated to take part in waste management activity. Each and every people here should make them aware about adverse effect of pollution. Authority must provide them at least three separate containers to keep their daily waste  into bin  accordance with  the nature of waste like bio-degradable waste is to be kept in green one, non bio-degradable waste in yellow bin and bio medical waste in red one.

Finally it is expected by all that  the UMC authority will show regularity in carried away the garbage and disposing the same accordingly. Simultaneously right now as the country thinking about zero dustbin concepts, so there will be not a single dustbin within the UMC area too. So municipal worker will collect daily waste from all household, markets, office, institution etc. Another matter must be confirmed by the authority that, there will be no road side drain in the town without cover slab and then the people will hardly get an opportunity dumping of waste by the people.If this problem is solved, then we would not have as many people sufferings of garbage pollution. Garbage free town, healthy environment is a big expectation of us and our future generation. It can be ensured only after mass participation of conscious citizen of the area.       

About the author: Dipak Chandra  Lodh is an Electrical Engineer by profession. He works as Senior Manager in TSECL. She writes for several Magazines,Newspapers and Journals. He is also associated with few NGOs working for the development of the society.

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed within this feature /article is the personal opinions of the author. The facts and opinions appearing in the article do not reflect the views of and does not assume any responsibility or liability for the same.

Date: 03/10/2015 02:15:40pm E-mail:

Name: Manti Das

Garbage disposal is a great challenges of our modern society.Every city or town should have one master plan for Solid Waste Management.

Date: 01/10/2015 08:17:11am E-mail:

Name: Bhola Bhowmik

What a great article on the most burning issue of our society.Garbage disposal problem is one of the biggest challenge of city dwellers.Sir you are requested to write more this type of burning issue.

Date: 28/09/2015 08:49:03pm E-mail:

Name: Kiran Bhowmik

What a great article on the most burning issue of our society.Garbage disposal problem is one of the biggest challenge of city dwellers.

Date: 28/09/2015 08:44:11pm E-mail:

Name: pradip Sarkar

Very good article. More attention should be given to solve the problem of solid wastes of Udaipur Municipal Council. A master plan may be prepared by the UMC.

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