The Idol Man Anil Sarkar:His Life & Achievements::By:Rakesh Debnath

The Idol Man Anil Sarkar:His Life & Achievements

By:Rakesh Debnath

Anil Sarkar! The wonderful name that had a versatile qualities. He was a not only a poet cum writer, also he was an orator, a good organizer and a good politician. The Anil Sarkar one of the name who is the father of Tripura Cultural Development. He wrote many poem & rhymes throughout his life. In 1939, 1st September, Anil Sarkar was born on the day of outbreak of the Second World War, at kachua village of commilla district, now in Bangladesh. His father Mahesh Chandra Sarkar was a middle peasant.

Anil Sarkar started his school education in ‘Iswar Pathshala’, a reputed school in Comilla town. After passing matriculation, his family migrated to Tripura in the fifties (1950). He got admitted in Maharaja Bir Bikram College in Agartala. While studying in college he come in touch with the communist party and organized Students’ Federation in the college. Anil Sarkar passed BA(Hons.) in Bengali literature brilliantly and completed MA from Kolkata University. In Kolkata University he played an active role in the students’ movement. After returning from Kolkata, he joined a private school in sixties (1960). While serving in school, he organized the private school teachers in a progressive organization and extended full-fledged guidance and support to the furtherance of the students and youth movements.

Anil Sarkar played a vital role to provide relief and shelter to lakhs of refugees sheltered in Tripura during the nine-month long Bangladesh liberation war in 1971. He organized people’s Relief committee to render medical care to refugees sheltered in refugee camps and the Bangladesh Liberation Forces under going arms training in Tripura.


Anil Sarkar organized cultural program with the poets, writers and intellectuals of Bangladesh to mobilize peoples support for the liberation of that country. In fact Sarkar, as tribute to the Language Martyrs of Bangladesh had started the celebration of International Mother Language Day in Tripura even before the declaration by UNESCO on November 17, 1999.

He wrote 24 (Twenty Four) books mostly on literature and received many awards from different government and non-government organizations for his literary works. Also he was a renowned poet, especially composer of political rhyme.  He was a popular poet in the region and played an important role in socio-cultural movement of the down trodden.

He joined the CPI in 1956 and become a member of the communist Party of India-Marxist when the party was set up in 1964. He was imprisoned by the previous Congress government in 1972. During the Emergency in 1975, on a number of occasions, he was confined in Agartala, Vellore (Tamil Nadu) and Noagaon (Assam) jails. A teacher turned politician, Sarkar was a minister in six of the seven Left Front governments since 1978. He was elected to the state assembly a record nine times since Tripura become full fledged state in January 1972. He won the State elections for consecutive eight terms and was also the first State secretary of the Democratic youth Federation of India (DYFI). He played pivotal role in the formation of Employees coordination committee, a united platform of varies employees  organizations. In 1972, Anil Sarkar was elected as state secretariat member of the party. He was member of the two coalition ministries in 1977 and subsequently in the Left Front.

In 1964, when the CPI(M) was formed in the fight against revisionism, Anil Sarkar joined it. In its seventh state conference in 1968, he elected as a state committee member of the party. He became first Secretary of the youth federation. His attachment with the leftists earned him the ire of the school committee. In 1971, on the pretext of a group clash between the SFI and the NSUI, the governing body of the school terminated several Left-minded teachers including Anil Sarkar. He left school and never join again.

He was an energetic poet who has excelled in different genres. Anil Sarkar wrote in many genres including politics based poem, rhymes, short stories, articles and essays.

A lifelong crusader for the cause of the underdogs, sarkar often wrote powerful satires on the political and social atmosphere of the country. Poetry was his passion-so much so that he could not restrain himself from calling his friends at the dead of night to listen to a poem that he had just composed. It was he who made the folk music of the subalterns popular not only in the state but helped them to reach the national platform. Also he was founder President of Scheduled Caste Coordination Committee of the state. He was one of the members of newly founded Dalit Shosan Mukti Manch. Also he was the patrons of Ambedkar Mission in Tripura.He wrote many books -- Rosh Malai, SajanerMukh, SeshPalton, Folder, Lalgor Jabo, Bon Theke Elo Tiye, Sarkush, Tok BishonTok, Jamai babu, Kamolini Sarkush, Sita ramer Jahor cout, Kolkatar Kalsup, Janoni Amar, Brattojaner Kabita, Satopuspo, Apriler Kabita, Ekusher Kabita, Dalitera Keno Janmai. 

Anil Sarkar  is survived by his only son. His wife Jyotiprava Sarkar died less than ve months ago. “Sarkar died after a few months battle in the AIMS (All India Institution of Medical Sciences) in New Delhi and Kolkata hospitals. As a mark of respect to the departed leader, who was also the state planning board vice-chairman, the state government declared a holiday on Tuesday Two-day state mourning has been announce from Tuesday,” an official release said. Sarkar’s body would be cremated with full state honours on Wednesday at the Battala mass cremation ground here.He always says “My mission is emancipation of Dalits and Shosits.” His Favorite Quotes “Dalit and Shosits have nothing to lose but slavery.”

In the time 7:40 at New Delhi the evening on 9th February 2015 a great poet Anil Sarkar breathed his last at AIIMS Hospital. He was 76. He had been suffering from multiple ailments and was under medical care for the last several months.

Anil Sarkar is the name of immortal person who had a good organizer, good poet cum writer and a good politician, but now he is no more it’s true, but his invention of literature & cultural site we also feel to Anil Sarkar on this poem, his writing song his invention works.

Bio - Data of Anil Sarkar

Born           :1st  September,1939 a t kachua village of commilla district, now in                           Bangladesh.

Died            :9th  February,2015 in New Delhi,AIMS hospital (aged 76).

Occupation : Politician, Poet, Teacher & former Minister cum MLA

Language   :Bengali

Nationality : Indian

Ethnicity     : Bengali

Education   :Master of Arts (Bengali), University of Calcutta

Spouse        :Jyotiprava Sarkar

Children       :Abhijit Sarkar

Notable Works:Rosh Malai, Sajaner Mukh, Sesh Palto, Folder,  Lalghor Jabo,  Bon Theke Elo Tiye,  Sarkush,  Tok Bishon Tok ,  Jamai babu,   Kamolini Sarkush,  Sita Ramer Jahor cout,  Kolkatar Kalsup, Janoni Amar,  Brattojaner Kabita,   Satopuspo,   Apriler Kabita, Ekusher Kabita,   Dalitera Keno Janmai.   

Notable Awards:19 er Smarak  Samman 2014, Nanda kishore Smriti  Puraskar, Ambedkar Award, Dalit Sahitya  Academy  Puraskar, Assam Sahitya Academy Award,  Sresto Kabi Puraskar, Adaitomallo Barmar Puraskaror  and various academicals award  from government, non-government  organization for his writing.      

About the Author:Rakesh Debnath  a well-known  Bengali  poet and writer of Udaipur. He writes poem, rhymes, articles, short stories, information based science articles which are published in various magazine and  newspapers. He is the editor of  a weekly newspaper Sambad Safar and a monthly literature, cultural and  art based magazine Rabibar. He received Samata Sahitya Academy Excellent International Award 2015 for his work in the field of literature, cultural and social activities.

Disclaimer:The opinions expressed within this article are the personal opinions of the author. The facts and opinions appearing in the article do not reflect the views of and  does not assume any responsibility or liability for the same.

Date: 17/10/2015 06:34:40pm E-mail:

Name: Pradip Sarkar

Very good feature on Anil Sarkar. Anil Sarkar was a great personality.

Date: 17/10/2015 06:29:41pm E-mail:

Name: Kiran Bhowmik

This a wonderful article/feature on the life of Anil Sarkar. Good write up......Keep it up Rakesh!!!!!

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