Origin Of The Name Tripura And Tripura Sundari ::By:Pradip Sarkar

Origin Of The Name Tripura And Tripura Sundari

By:Pradip Sarkar     

It is a matter of controversy as to how the name of Tripura came to be associated with this state.  In simple words how Tripura  state got its name is not at all clear . There are many theories about the origin of the name Tripura.

1.Theory Of Rajmala:

According to the Rajmala,   the chronicles of the kings of Tripura there was a  King  named  Tipur or Tripura. He was the grandson of Yajati  of Mahabharat era. The deeds of Yajati is chronicled in  The Rig Veda. Tripura is being called  as Tripura from the time of  rule of the king Tripur. But there  is no supporting evidence except Rajmala. It will be an  act  of foolhardy if the Rajmala is considered as a perfect document of evidence of history  because it is known to all that some portion of Rajmala contradicts history. So, this version of the theory of origin of name of Tripura is rejected by many a scholars and pundits of history.

2.Entomological Theory:

Another school of thought are of the opinion that the name Tripura came from two Kakbarook   words Tui and Pra.  In kakbarook Tui means water and Pra  means meeting point. So Tuipra means land adjoining to water. It is presumed that the word Tripura is the Sanskritised form of the word Tuipra. This is an example of assimilation. 

3.Theory  Of  Origin From The Tribe Tripra :

There is another school of thought to explain the origin of the name of Tripura . Tripra  is  a tribe of  the state who are residing in the hills of the  land  for more than thousand years. Some people opine that Tripura got its name from its tribe  Tipra. 

4. Mythological Theory:

The name has also been  explained as the meaning of three cities or the  country of Tripureswari. Another name of mother Tripura Sundari is Tripureswari. A  good number of people believe that Tripura is named after the  presiding deity of Tripureswari or Tripura Sundari. It is to be mention here that the temple of Tripura Sundari was  built by Maharaj Dhanya Manikya in the year 1501 AD. But there is a reference of name  Tripura in some coins of kings of Tripura before the year 1501 AD. It means the name Tripura is older than the temple of Tripura Sundari. At  this  point of time after interpretation of all  available facts it seems our assumption that  Tripura got its name from the presiding deity of  Matabari  called Tripura Sundari  is wrong. But it is not the fact. The fact is different. It is also a historical fact that there was the concept of this 51th Sakthipeeth before the construction of The Tripura Sundari Temple. There may not be a permanent temple before 1501 AD but one cannot say it with accuracy that the there was no concept of the deity Tripura Sundari earlier than 1501 AD. The concept of Sakthipeeth is much more older than the temple of Matabari. Till date this theory has not been proved or disproved by any scholar of history in a scientific way.

5. The Hybrid Theory:

Our country is a vast country. It is the second largest populated country of the world after China.  Naturally it has people having hundreds of opinions.  There is a saying many men many minds. Till there is another group of people who opine that Tripura name is much older than Tripura Sundari temple.   According to their theory the presiding deity of Matabari named Tripura Sundari got its name from Kingdom of Tripura.


Which theory is to be relied on is the million dollar question. Tripura or in broader sense India is the most liberal country of the world in terms of new ideas  or philosophy. All most all the theory has some merits. And all of them have some demerits.  In this age of Appolo Moon landing era we should not be rigid and dogmatic. We should be liberal. It is up to the readers to accept any of the theory as per their own understanding and realization.History is full of contradictory information . It is because of the fact that only few evidences of history have been recovered or available in Tripura. Historians mostly rely on the Rajmala for the history of Tripura which as we all know is full of contractions. To uncover all the mystery and answers of history about the origin of name of Tripura and Tripura Sundari is beyond the scope of this article/feature. More research and serious study in future may unravel this unknown aspect. That duty lies on that shoulder of would be historians.  

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