Samsher Gazi:The Man Who Changed The Course of History of Udaipur Forever :: By:Pradip Sarkar


Samsher  Gazi:The Man Who Changed The Course of  History of Udaipur Forever

By:Pradip Sarkar

Samsher Gazi  was a Tyrant who raise into power by the use of brutality  and tracery opines  most of the historians but some few are of the opinion that he was a brilliant ruler having better knowledge than the kings of Tripura .He was born in a village named Kunjara  of Dakshinsik Pargana  in the year 1710 AD.  His parents were very poor. His mother was an ordinary women and his father was a fakir. His father’s   name was Pir Mohammed.  According to some scholars his father was a poor peasant.  Due to abject poverty father Pir Mohammed sold him to the powerful zamindar  Nasir Mohammad . Samsher  was an  intelligent and hard working   boy. Impressed by his intelligence the zamindar arranged  for his studies. Later on Smasher was appointed as a supervisor of Kutgate area . He was made a Tahasildar. He was very stout and brave. He falls in love with daughter of his master. His master, the powerful zamindar  rebuked him for such  audacity . He came to know from some sources that he would be punished by his master for his proposal to marry his daughter. Samsher ran away from the place for saving his life and began to organize a gang with like minded farmers. That was the hard time.The condition of people were very miserable. People wanted some relief from the tyranny of the  Zamindars. Smasher attacked his master  zamindar Nasir Mohammad and killed him with his gang. He himself become the zamindar. He married his daughter. His  name spread far and distant places. He was a ambitious person. He looted many zamindars with his gang . He used to use Gurille warefare. He attacked his enemy at the dead of night.  He created an atmosphere of terror all around him. Zamindars and rich people were afraid of him. His greed increased day by day.  So was his suppression and cruelty. After sometime he stopped sending revenue to the king of Tripura. He declared himself the  king of  Chakla  Roshonabad . During  this period the kings of Tripura were facing some internal problem. The time was very critical. King Bijoy  Manikya  was murdered by his own people . Then Krishana Manikya become the king. He tried to subdue Samsher  Gazi . But he could not succeed to defeat him. Finally Samsher marched forward with his army towards  Udaipur , the capital of Tripura . His plan was to over through the king and capture power.  The army of the king Krishna Manikya  was  not ready to face the force of Samsher Gazi. In this battle the king of Tripura was defeated. The king fled away to Old  Agartala. Later on that place become the capital of Tripura. The prince Krishna Manikya while remaining at Agartala tried his best to demolish the army of Samsher. He  did not succeed to over through Samsher. He  took the help of Kukis to suppress Samsher but in vain. Samsher declared himself as the king. The people of Tripura were a military race.  So they declined to accept smasher as their king. They decide not to give any revenue to person who does not belong to the royal dynasty of Tripura. Understanding the psychology of the hilly people he made a plan to fool all people.  He installed Banamali Thakur , the nephew of Udaymanikya as the king .Banamali Thakur was renamed as Lakhan Manikya  after installation as a king of Tripura. He  was not the  real king. He had no power. The subjects were pacified to see Lakhan Manikya the king  of Tripura.   Now all the people of Tripura had no problem to pay land revenue and other taxes. Like all tyrant he was also not a secular person. He tried to loot the temple of Tripura Sundari.  Udaipur was under his control. He was about to destroy the temple. But the irony of fate is that he could not do any damage to the temple rather he become a devotee of the deity. Here goes the saying that Smasher Gazi was was worshiper of kali and he would pay homage to Goddess Tripura Sundari whenever he launched war against his enemies. The King Krishna Manikya  took the help of Nawab of Bengal in order to subdue  Samsher Gazi.  Mir Kassem, the nawab  of Bengal  sent a huge army to  Tripura to destroy the force of Samsher Gazi. Samsher was  defeated by the mighty force of nawab of Bengal and put into the prison of Murshidabad. This is the end of the life of a tyrant. There are many opinions about the time and place of death of smasher Gazi. According to Gazinama  the biography of smasher  , he was killed with help of a cannon at  Ghoraghat, Rangpur  by the manoevure of the Governor of Chittagang. According  to Krishanamala  Smasher was killed by Jafar Ali, the then Nawab of Bengal in the year 1758 AD. According  to the opinion of Joykumar  Bardan  smasher was assassinated by the men of Nawab while crossing the river  Feni .Kailash  Singh opined that Samsher was blown up in the year 1760 AD in the face of the cannon by the order of  Nawab  Mir Kassem. Mir Kassem ascended the throne of Benagal in the month of October ,1760 AD. Krishana Manikya ascended  the throne of Tripura on 17th  December ,1760 AD. So, if Smasher was killed in the year 1760 AD, he was probably slain by  the order of Mir Kassem.

The name of Smasher Gazi will be remembered for the following reasons:

1) He tried to change the course of history of Tripura. To some extent he was successful to change the course of history of Tripura. Due to him Krishna  Maniky has shifted his capital from Udaipur to Old  Agartala. Udaipur for ever lost the glory of being called the capital of Tripura.

2) He was the first Muslim ruler of Tripura who ruled Tripura for few years.

3) He tried to destroy the temple of Tripura Sundari . He was about to loot the temple. Ultimately he changed his mind. As per saying of the people he become a devotee of the deity of the temple.

4) He tried to introduce some reforms in the revenue administration of the princely state of Tripura.

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