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 Manik Lal Chakraborty




anik Lal Chakraborty is a popular singer of Tripura. He is also a social worker.  He was born on 1st January of the year 1945 AD at kailashahar. His father was Sri Nani Gopal Chakraborty  and his mother was Smt. Arati Chakraborty. He obtained BA  from Ramkrishina Mahavidhalaya in the 1967 AD . Then he did his BEd.  He started his teaching career at  the Matabari Junior Basic school in the year 1962  at Udaipur. He retired as Head Master from Pauramura High school in the year 2002. As a teacher he was very popular to the students. He is one of the best educationists of Tripura. .   He was always a good singer. He obtained Sangeet Pravakar from Allahabad. His daughter Manashi Chakraborty was a  prominent singer of Tripura. She died an unnatural death on 15th  May,2009 at Agartala. Her death has a  deep impact on him and his wife Smt. Maya Charaborty. But the show must go. This is the motto life. As a singer he needs no introduction. He is entertaining the people of Tripura with his melody for a long time. He is one of the best classical singers of Tripura.  brings an interview with this legendary singer.


 Q.     What is your definition of happiness?

A)     Social service and helping other gives me happiness.


Q.Who is your role model?

A)Prasanta Saha, eminent leader of Democratic Movement in Tripura is my role model.


Q. What were your dreams as a child?

A)My dream was to become a good singer.


 Q.What is your vision of a perfect society?

A)Equality with all respect is my vision of a perfect society.


 Q.How do you spend your free time?

A)By writing song, composing music and singing.


Q.What is the happiest moment of your life?

A)The day “Matangini Hazara School , Fulkumari, Udaipur”was upgraded to High School. It was declared by Sri Anil Sarkar, the then Education Minister of Tripura was the happiest moment of my life.


Q.Do you have any god father?

A)R.N Tagore.


Q.Who is your most favorite author?

A)BC Chatterjee, the great writer of India.


 Q.Who is your most favorite player?



 Q. How do you relax?

A)By singing classical song.


 Q. What do you dislike most in you?



 Q.What do you dislike most in others?



 Q.What is your favorite phrase?

A)Has to be better as much aspossible


Q.How do you like to be remembered?

A)I want to be remembered as a good man.


 Q.Which TV show do you like most?

A)I like to see the interview section of important personality, especially classical singers and artists.


 Q.Which TV show do you dislike most?

A)KBCC and other such reality TV show.


 Q.What makes a job enjoyable for you?

A)When I get active cooperation of all classes of people.


 Q.What motivates you do your best work?

A)Public interest motivates me to do my best work.


 Q. What is your greatest Strength?

A) Mental satisfaction.


 Q. What is the most difficult situation you have faced?

A) Unnatural death of my elder daughter.


 Q.Who is your most favorite film star?

A)Uttam Kumar.


Q.Who is the greatest thinker of the world?

A)Karl Marx


 Q.How do you handle pressure and stress?

A)By perseverance


 Q.Who is your most favorite leader?

A)Karl Marx


 Q.What is your greatest nightmare?

A)The time when my elder daughter Manashi Chakraborty passed away in a mysterious circumstances. She was a promising singer of our state.


 Q.What is the greatest challenge of our country?

A)To become economically self sufficient is the greatest challenge of India.


 Q.Who influence you the most in your childhood days?

A)Sudhir Dutta , eminent Head Master of RKI, Kailashahar.


Q.Which foreign country would you like to visit?

A)I want to visit Bangladesh again and again.


 Q.What brings tear to your eyes?

A)The incident of Birchandra Manu on 12thOctober, 1988 when many supporter of Left Front were massacred in broad day light.


Q.What is your success formula?

A)First to know the problem and then try to solve it.


 Q.What is your advice to young generation?

A)Try to become a perfect man.


 [The interview was taken by kiran Bhowmik, Executive News Editor of]

[NB:The opinion expressed here are of personal nature]



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