Sri S.K. Bhattacharjee (Journalist)


 Swapan  Kumar  Bhattarcharjee

     (Journalist, teacher, writer, social worker)



Swapan Kumar Bhattacharjee  is one of the most successful and popular journalist of Tripura . He is also a active social worker. He has been awarded   “Friends of Liberation War Honor” by the Government of Bangladesh for his contribution in the Liberation war of Bangladesh in 1971.He was born in the 1953, 9th March.He studied in KBI, Udaipur. He graduated from MBB College. He has taught at Ramesh  Higher Secondary School  for a long period . His father was Sri Paresh Chandra Bhattacherjee  and his mother was Smt Hashi Bhattacherjee. He wrote Udaipur Shaharer Vidyalayer Etibritya (1877-2011). It is a details history of the schools of Udaipur town.  Besides this he wrote hundreds of articles and features.  He is a very common name in the literary circle of Tripura.He worked as a journalist  in various news papers of Tripura namely - Janapad, Jagaran, Dainik Sambad, Tripura Times, Syandan Patrika. At present he works for PTI.  He is known to all for his scholarship and simplicity. He is the recipient of “Friends of Liberation War Honor”. This is one of the most prestigious awards of Bangladesh.



“During the Liberation War, student leader and social worker Shri Swapan Kumar Bhathacharjee organized the students of Udaipur of Tripura to provide assistance to the refugees as volunteers. By arranging public meetings, he helped create public opinion in favor of the Bangladesh Liberation War. He also organized the students to raise funds for the welfare of the suffering refugees. He also provided assistance and shelter to the political leaders coming from Bangladesh. For his great contribution to the Liberation War of Bangladesh, Shri Swapan Kumar Bhatacharjee is awarded Friends of Liberation War Honor”.

Read this interview to know more about the extraordinary life of a dedicated teacher, journalist, social worker.


Q)   What is your definition of happiness?

A)      Happiness to me means to be  in a state of joy


Q)   Who is your role model?

A)     Swami Vivekananda, MK Gandhi and RN Tagore


Q)   What were your dreams as a child?

A)     To become a teacher


Q)   What is your vision of a perfect society?

A)     A classless society


Q)   How do you spend your free time?

A)     By Gossiping and  writing


Q)   What is the happiest moment of your life?

A)      Getting the award of “Friends of Liberation War Honour” from The Government of  Bangladesh


Q)   Do you have any god father?

A)     No

Q)   Who is your most favourite author?

A)     RN Tagore, Sarat Chandra Chattacharjee, Achinta kumar Sengupta and Kazi Nazrul  Islam etc.


Q)   How do you relax?

A)     By discussing  Gossiping ( engaging in “Adda”) with friends.


Q)   What do you dislike most in you?

A)     Hypocrisy


Q)   What do you dislike most in others?

A)     Ungratefulness


Q)   What is your favourite phrase ?

A)     Wow!

Q)   How do you like to be remembered?

A)     As good human being


Q)   Which TV show do you like most?

A)     ABP Ananda ( News and Debate)


Q)   What motivates you to do your best work?

A)     Words of Swami Vivekananda inspire me to do my best


Q)   What makes a job enjoyable for you?

A)     Broadmindedness of my  colleagues


Q)   What is your greatest strength?

A)     Blessing of Sri  Sri Ram Thakur


Q)   What is the most difficult situation you have faced?

A)     When I was uenemployed ( from 1975 to 1978)


Q)   Who is your most favourite film star?

A)     Uttam Kumar and Amitabh Bachchan


Q)   Who is the greatest thinker of the world?

A)     MK Gandhi


Q)   How do you handle pressure and stress?

A)     By spiritual activity and listening to Rabindra Sangeet.


Q)   What is your advice to young generation?

A)     Be honest. Love people and love your country.


Q)   Who is your most favourite leader?

A)     Indira  Gandhi


Q)   What is your greatest nightmare?

A)     The riot of 1980


Q)   What is the greatest challenge of our country?

A)     Poverty and unemployment


Q)   Who influence you the most in your childhood days?

A)     My mother Late Hasi Bhatterjee


Q)   Who is your most favourite player?

A)      Sachin, Maradona and Dhan Chand


Q)   Which foreign country would you like to visit?

A)     UK


Q)   Which TV serial you dislike most?

A)     Most of the TV serial I dislike


Q)   What brings tear to your eyes?

A)     When my mother passed away ( 10th  april,1980)


Q)   What is your philosophy of life?

A)     Simple living and high thinking


Q)   What is your success formula?

A)     Persistence


Q) Your advice to our readers.

A)     Read more and more classic literature


[The interview was taken by  kiran Bhowmik, Executive News Editor of]

[NB:  The opinion expressed here are of personal nature.]






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