Sri Supratim Datta(TBSE Topper)



Supratim Datta by this time has become a household name in Udaipur for his supper success in TBSE (+2stage) Examination 2015.He stood second in the board examination scoring 90 percent marks. People of Udaipur are proud of his success.To know more about the supersuccessful studenst read the full  interview.

Bio-Data of Supratim Datta

Name: Supratim Datta

Achievement: Rank: 2 in TBSE (+2) Exam 2015

Date of Birth:18/09/1996

Name of School: Udaipur English Medium Higher Secondary School

 Father: Sri Subrata Dutta (Teacher)

Mother: Smt.Sutapa Datta (Teacher)

Subject wise marks: i)English:90 ii) Bengali:84 iii)Chemistry:91 vi)Physics:95v) Biology:90               

Address: Geet Bharati Para,Udaipur, Gomati District

Q) Supratim , Congratulation for securing the 2nd Rank in the recently published result of TBSE(+2)Exam 2015! You have brought laurel for your school and your wishes you all the best for your super success .Once again we congratulate you for your success in the most prestigious Board examination.

Answer:Thank you sir.

Q) What is the secret behind your success?

Answer:Learning with joy.Taking small gaps within every two hours.And obviouslyhard work. 

Q) What books who have read for your Examination?

Answer: Bengali: Text books. But reading a lot of story books from childhood has helped me to develop my skills in Bengali and English. 

English: Text books mainly and other reference books.

Physics: Concepts of Physics, ABC and Dinesh


Q)Did you take private tuition? Answer: yes

Q) How many private teachers you had? Answer: Five

 Q) What is your favorite subject? Answer: Chemistry

Q)What is or who is your source of inspiration?

 Answer:My elder sister Sudeshna Datta who was also in TBSE topper list 2008 &2010. She is now doing internship in her MBBSin MGIMS,Wardha.

 Q)Do you have any special method of preparation for examination?

Answer: As such I have no special method of study to be honest. Just usual study. But I always kept aside my books at 8PM on the night before any examination. 

 Q) Do you see Hindi movie? Answer: yes, I like to see Hindi movie.

Q)   Who is your favorite actress? Answer: Deepika Padukone.

 Q)   Who is your favorite actor? Answer: Shahrukh khan.

Q)    Who is your favorite writer? Answer: Satyajit Roy and JK Rowling.

  Q)    Who is your favorite hero from history? Answer: Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose.

Q)  Who is your favorite hero of present world? Answer:Mark Zuckerberg.

Q)   Which book you enjoy reading most? Answer: Any book

 Q)Tell something about the problems of the young generation?

Answer: The problem of Young generation are - excessive addiction to mobile phone and 

frustration due to social corruption 

Q)Which country you want to visit? Answer: Switzerland with my parents.

Q) Tell us something about your school.

Answer: To me my school is just like my home. My teachers are just like my parents.

Q)     What is your  success formula? Answer: Hard work and joyful learning 

Q) What were your dreams as a child?

Answer: To be a software Engineer like my maternal uncle Sanjoy Sur

Q) How do you spend your free time?

Answer: Reading books, Playing PC games,playing with Mini(my pet cat),Chatting with friends throughFacebook/Whatsapp and participating in Quiz programmee.

Q)  Who is your most favourite player? Answer: Suresh Raina& Messi

Q) Who is your Favorite Writer in Bengali? 

Answer: Satyajit Roy ( dramatization of simple events)

Q)  Who is your Favorite Writer in English?

Answer: JK Rowling and Chetan Bhagat

Q) Advice for students.

Answer: Students should read the text books thoroughly. They should also consult reference books and learn joyfully. And at last not least- “Be as you are and do not try to imitate others”. 



[The interview was conducted by kiran Bhowmik, Executive News Editor of on 09/06/2015,Photo By: Bipul Sen] [NB:  The opinion expressed here are of personal nature.]


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