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“Anirudha Roy….How I become a TCS”


 Anirudha Roy is a TCS officer of 2007 Batch. He has vast experience of field and office work. Before joining  TCS he has worked as Technical Graduate  & Research Associate for few years. He was  selected  for the post of Agriculture Officer. He has also cleared the prestigious NET. He has brilliant track record as a student. He was born in a Bengali  middle class family of Tripura. His father is  Sri Tapas kumar Roy and mother is Smt. Maya Roy ( Chakraborty) . He  completed his schooling from Sishu Bihar Higher Secondary School-one of the best school of Tripura.  He become a plant expert after completion of his  Master in Agri. MSc.  Now, he has become a people expert! At present he is working as  a BDO in the Melagarh RD Block . Melagarh RD block is one of the biggest block in terms of number of GP/Villages, population and geographical area. It has mixed population. This block is also one of the most happening Block of Tripura. Mr. Roy has been working as BDO with much success.


Q ) Tell us something about your schooling  and education.

A) I have studied in  Shishu Bihar Higher Secondary  School . I passed  madhyamik  securing 72 percent marks. My higher Secondary mark  was 62 percent. I have done my  Graduation in  Agri. BSc ( 83.6%) from    A.N.G.R.A.U Rajendranagar,  AP and  MSc( Agri ) with   86.3 % marks   from  Dr. PDKV , ALOKA, Maharastra .I have also cleared NET before joining this joining as TCS Officer.

Q) Do you have any job experience before joining TCS?

A) Before joining as a TCS officer I have worked as  Technical Graduate  & Research Associate. I was also selected as an  Agricultural  Officer under Government of Tripura

Q) What was your medium of Instruction in the TCS examination?

A) English

Q) What was your rank in the TCS examination?

A)  Twenty second  position.

Q) What were your opitional  papers in the TCS examination,2007?

A)   Agriculture I , Agriculture  II and Botany II

Q) What was your total score in the exam including  written and personality score?

A) My total score in the exam was 504 including written and personality test.

Q) How you have prepared for your optional papers ?

 A) I started preparing my optional papers seriously from 6 to 8 month before the scheduled date of my examination. Since I was a post graduate in agriculture . I took Agriculture  I & II . I  took less time to complete these optional papers.  The choice of my optional were based on the subject in which I  felt  I was confident enough . Botany II being a new subject to me , though 30 to 40 % of the syllabus covered in agriculture  I devoted maximum time to it . I did a wide and extensive study for my optional papers . I used to read regularly for  3 to 4 hours  .Many of aspirants took optional subject with whom they have never been in touch in their graduation and post graduation simply to score higher marks , but I always felt that choice of optional subjects should necessisarily be such with which we were familiar of  earlier . For my compulsory papers I took help from CS Academy. It helped me a lot.

Q) What   books and study materials you have consulted for TCS exam?

A) I have studied the following books for my optional subjects:


Hand book of agriculture ……….. ………… Kalyani publishers

Hand book of Horticulture …………………. ICAR publications

Introduction to Agronomy………………….. Yellmanda  Reddy

Hand book  of pest management ………  SP Singh & S K Hammed

Plant pathology ………………………………….Arios GN

Farm Management in India ……………….  SS  Chinna

Introduction to Soil Science …………………Sanyal SK 

Principle of Plant Pathology  ………………..RS SINGH 



1.Introduction to Biology ………………………………… Dr. B N Sanyal,  Dr.B K Chatterjee, Dr. M  DEY

2. College Botany  II ( Studies in Botany ) …………  Mukhopadhaya ,MK


Q) Do you think the syllabus of the TCS/ TPS Examination is Just?

A)The syllabus of TCS /TPS examination is fairly good . But personally I feel that there should be a paper on analytical reasoning. As a civil servant one should have such reasoning. Also in the general knowledge and current affair sections, there should have been some question on mathematics and computers.

Q) How  have you prepared for your  Personality Test ?

A)After the result of the written examination was declared, I started preparing for the personality test . Initially  I prepared a brief note about my Bio data , hobbies, places of interest of state where I have undergone graduation and post graduation  courses. For general knowledge and current affairs  update I used to read daily newspaper like -The Times Of India, The Ajkal ( Bengali ) ,  CSR , Pratijugita  Kiran etc . For my personality test I took help from CS Academy. I learned a lot about the interview techniques in the mock test conducted in CS Academy. I have also attended “ The Brain Storming Session” in SIPARD hosted by Department of Employment and Manpower, Govt Of Tripura in which I feel  I was immensely benefited .  At times, I would stand in front of the mirror & practiced a mock inter view session on my own . A week before the personality test, I revised very briefly my optional papers and the constitution of India & Five year plan papers.


Q) What question were asked to you in the  personality test ?

A) My interview lasted for around 40 minutes & according to me it was just like a bit of stress interview. As soon as I entered the interview board the chairman of the board asked me to tell about my academic career. After that all the members started shooting several question to me one by one. Some of the important questions are like this :-

 i) About my hobby : The 3 rd member asked this question in the very beginning. I told him that I paint, specially landscape . All members asked me about different forms of art, contemporary artist of India. I could answer all most all question on this section as I am fond d of painting and aware of current happening in the circuit of art and culture.

ii) As I was basically post graduate in agriculture and was recommended by TPSC for the post of Agriculture Officer, the chairman asked me why I want to  leave the post of Agri Officer and want to  join TCS /TPS . He asked me about  State Govt Perspective plan or Vision 2010 of Agriculture , System of Rice Intensification ( SRI ) and recently biotechnological  approaches in agriculture.

iii) The 2nd  member asked me about my felling about Indo- US Nuclear deal and whether I support it or not. He asked me whether I was having any preconceived mind set about 27 % OBC reservation Bill which was in news.

iv) The only lady member in the board  asked me about rural psychology and extension . She asked me this question as during graduation  I was having this subject in my course curriculum . She asked me about result and method demonstration.  She also asked me about how I can use this knowledge once I am posted as BDO , about decadal growth rate and how the census survey was carried out in the field

v) The  first board member asked me about cricket updates . At the time of my interview the 20-20 world cup was going on . He asked me how many times do I feel Sachin Tendulkar was the victim of wrong decision by Umpire . He wanted a fair idea from me and made me to comment whether the 3rd umpire and wide screen technology in the cricket match is of any use for its future development. He asked me, if at all I was selected as a TCS what would be my thrust area.

Q) What was your greatest mistake?

A) According to me my greatest mistake was that though I had a fair grasp in my subject i.e. Agriculture  I & II , I took it too lightly and I lost some of the question which I failed to answer .Also I did not prepare thoroughly the General Knowledge  & Current Affairs Section . So , I could not score good marks

Q. Have you taken any help from any coaching centre?

A) Yes. For my compulsory papers and Mock Test I have taken help from CS Academy.

Q) Any suggestion for the future candidates.

A) My suggestion to the future candidates is – believe in yourself and the ability you have . TCS/ TPS examination is not like other examinations. It needs motivation from within oneself to excel . So if you have a strong basic you can go through very easily. If you have a good grasp over the subject you can clear it very easily. The only thing is that whenever you prepare you need to be  a bit serious minded .Monotonous study is always harmful , but regular studies with a bit of recreation is always handy.  Do not hesitate to work hard.

Q) What is your success formula?

A) Hard work. Hard work. And  hard work.


[ We are producing this interview so that  the  future job aspirant can have some idea how to crack TCS. We hope this interview will of great help to job seekers. The opinion expressed here are of personal nature. ]


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