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   || Ratan  Bhowmik ……How I become a TCS ||





atan Bhowmik  is a TCS officer of 2007 Batch. He has vast experience of field and office work. Before joining  TCS he has worked as Labour Inspector for few years. He was born in a Bengali  middle class family of Tripura. His father is  Sri  Haradhan Bhowmik and mother is Smt. Basana Bhowmik  . He has studied  at  Ranir Gaon High School and Pallimangal  HS ( + 2) School .  He is the first Block Development Officer of Jumpuijala RD Block . Mr. Bhowmik  has been working as BDO with much success. He  is a dynamic person.


Q ) Tell us something about your schooling  and education.

A) I have studied in Ranir Gaon High School and Pallimangal  HS ( + 2) School . I passed both Madhyamik and  Higher Secondary  Examination securing  second class.  I have done my  BA in English Hons from  MBB College. I have  completed my MA in English from Tripura University.

Q) Do you have any job experience before joining TCS?

A) Before joining as a TCS officer I have worked as  a Labour Inspector  under Government of Tripura.

Q) What was your medium of Instruction in the TCS examination?

A) English and Bengali

Q) What was your rank in the TCS examination?

A)  28th position.

Q) What were your opitional  papers in the TCS examination,2007?

A)   Education I , Education II  and  Geography  II

Q) What was your total score in the exam including  written and personality score?

A) My total score in the exam was 465  including written and personality test.

Q)How you have prepared for your optional papers ?

A) Extensively at first and selectively after that . A through reading of the chapter and topics and select important points and questions that may be asked in the examination. I have consulted lecturer who helped a lot in choosing the books, reading materials etc .


Q)Do you think the syllabus of the TCS/ TPS Examination is Just?

A) It is just, but mathematics should be included in it. Secondly, a paper on history, heritage & civilization of India may be included as a totally unseen paper.

Q )How you have  prepared for your  Personality Test ?

 A) I had some experience of personality test as I cleared the last TPS / TPS Exam 2003. Nevertheless, I brushed up the optional  Papers thoroughly. I used to read at least two magazines for GK & current affairs every month along with newspaper. I attended one day work shop on personality test at SIPARD,  conducted by Employment  Department. I have also gone through PT test of different IAS topper. As I was a Labour Inspector , I studied a lot of things from my Department  and prepare some important burning topics like Child Labour, right of women worker etc.

Q) What  questions were asked to you in your  personality test ?

A) My personality test was on 18/09/2007 at afternoon. That was the date   of Bishakarma Puja . As soon as I entered the room and wished the Board  Members, the first question asked to me ,why I choose Education & Geography as I have done MA in  English. Second question was asked from my work place about my achievement as a Labour Inspector.Then a guest member asked a number of question from my Department  about my role  if any worker dies in Tripura who has been recruited from other states .I was also asked about present problem of labour if any and different provisions of Labour Acts, the importance of 1st  May. The psychologist in the board asked me about the importance of the date 5th June  and  why  we observe  The World Environment Day . What will be my role as a BDO to eradicate Environmental Pollution . Why I had not joined the Education Dept. as I  got the job of PGT , English. One member asked me  about my hobby Another member asked me  why I want to leave my present job and  about  my ambition in life etc etc .It was almost 40 minutes and I was satisfied about my performance . I could see the satisfaction in the eyes of the board members. It was almost a friendly discussion in a light hearted , cordial atmosphere , in a relaxed mood . Most of the question were asked from my Department and my achievement as a Labour Inspector, as I expected.

Q)What was your greatest mistake?

Ans:-At first , I hesitatingly took education  as an optional , instead of English . I realized later that as I had done MA in English , I could have scored more in English .Secondly I took the English papers ( compulsory )  lightly which I should not have done . Thirdly, I should have given more emphasis in optional .

Q)Any suggestion for the future candidates .

A) Choose the optional papers  in which you are strong and confident . Make your own note, practice writing. Discuss with friends  on a regular basis  on a particular topic.  It helps lot. You are to belief in yourself first. You are to believe that if there is one single post, none but you will get it. Maintain a routine for a systematic study. Give equal importance to each subject. Chose the medium ( English  / Bengali )  in which you are more comfortable .At last it is advisable that those  who leads a luxurious life or want to lead a luxurious life TCS and TPS is not for them. Because at times you are to remain on duty for more than 24 hours at a stretch without food, drink and rest. You may be called in at any time of day or night to perform duty. You may also be posted at a remote rural area devoid of any modern facilities. Are you ready to take these challenges! My best  wishes  to all the young and energetic aspirants. 

Q) What is your success formula?

A) Hard work and perseverance.


[ We are producing this interview so that  the  future job aspirant can have some idea how to crack TCS. We hope this interview will of great help to job seekers. The opinion expressed here are of personal nature. ]



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