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r. Harekrishna Acharjee needs no introduction. Dr. Harekrishna Acharjee is a popular personality of Udaipur. He has taught at Ramesh  Higher Secondary School  for a long period . He also served as the Head Master of the school for a long time. He was born in a poor family in the year 1953 AD. His father was Sri Kunja mohan Acharjee  and his mother was Smt Binoda Sundhari Devi. He passed his higher secondary examination from  Ramesh  Higher Secondary School. Then he did his graduation from MBB College. He did MA in Bengali from Calcutta University. He obtained his doctorate degree on manuscript of “Manasha Mangal  Kavya Grantha”. He is a versatile person. He wrote many books. He wrote hundreds of articles, short stories. He is a very common name in the literary circle of Tripura. He is known for his extraordinary  scholarship and simplicity. Read  this interview to know more about  the extraordinary life of Dr. Acherjee.


Q) What is your definition of happiness?

A) I find happiness in doing my work.

Q)   Who is your role model?

A)     Dhirendra Chandra Dutta is my role model. He was the most eminent Head Master of Ramesh Higher Secondary School

Q)   What were your dreams as a child?

A)     My dream was to become a writer.

Q)   What is your vision of a perfect society?

A)     A society which has value education system and which is economically self sufficient is a perfect society.

Q)   How do you spend your free time?

A)     By writing and collecting old manuscripts.

Q)   What is the happiest moment of your life?

A)     The day I passed my higher secondary examination because it opened the door of my future life.

Q)    Do you have any god father?

A)     Sri Chaitainya Mahaprabhu.

Q)   Who is your most favourite author?

A)     Rabindra Nath Tagore

Q)   How do you relax?

A)     By singing Baul song ( A kind of Bengali folk song)

Q)   What do you dislike most in you?

A)     Telling lie.

Q)   What do you dislike most in others?

A)     Selfishness

Q)   What is your favourite phrase?

A)     Learning for living.

Q)   Which TV show do you like most?

A)     Sports programme.

Q)   What makes a job enjoyable for you?

A)     Good relationship with my colleagues.

Q)   Who is your most favourite film star?

A)  Amitabh Bachchan

Q)   Who is the greatest thinker of the world?

A)     Aristotle.

Q)   How do you handle pressure and stress?

A)   By perseverance.

Q)   What is your advice to young generation?

A)  Try to be a real man.

Q)    Who is your most favourite leader?

A)     Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi.


Q)   What is your greatest nightmare?

A) That my house is being burnt.

Q)   What is the greatest challenge of our country?

A)   Crisis of democracy.


 Q)   Who influence you the most in your childhood days?

A) My mother.

Q)    Which foreign country would you like to visit?

A)  South Africa.

Q)   Which TV serial you dislike most?

A)   I do not give much time to TV watching. So, I cannot say anything about this question.

Q)     What brings tear to your eyes?

A)      Lack of love and affection.

Q)   What is your philosophy of life?

A)             Simplicity.

Q)   What is your success formula?

A)     Struggle.

Q)   How do you like to be remembered?

A)   As a lover.

Q)   Your advice to our readers.

A)     Love me as I love you.



[The interview was taken by kiran Bhowmik, Executive News Editor of  www.tripuramirror.com]

[NB:  The opinion expressed here are of personal nature. You can write  to Dr. Harekrishna Acharjee at  drharekrishnaacharjee@gmail.com ]


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